o futuro
é das crianças

the future
belongs to children

An exhibition of David and Luis Levy Lima (uncle and nephew) that took place
in the Cape Verde National Assembly and whose theme was Cape Verde
but with a strong focus on children and the values ​​that underlie
cape verdean identity: family, culture and freedom.
At the origin of this exhibition is the performance “Live Painting” that the two artists performed
at Palácio da Cultura Ildo Lobo Palace in 2017. At the end of the event, David said:
“Cape Verde is the land of children and the future belongs to them.”
This sentence outlined the bases of this project, reinforced their bond
and one year later (8 June 2018) they combined their styles, strokes and colours
in this joint exhibition with the support of the Banco Interatlântico,
Garantia Seguros – Seguros de Cabo Verde and the Cape Verde National Assembly

33 paintings
Acrylic on stretched canvas


Filipe Louro Mendes


(+351) 916 296 368

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