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Luis Levy Lima was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1986, and grew up in a family of cape verdean artists. Interestingly enough, he didn’t want to be a painter and so he graduated in graphic design at Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts. His paintings activities were a “well kept secret” that only his friends and relatives knew about until one day the urge to paint became stronger than anything else.
Since then Luis Levy Lima has also debuted several exhibitions at Hilton Hotel, the National Assembly of Cape Verde, Bienal de Cerveira, Palácio da Cultura Ildo Lobo, Fábrica Braço de Prata and various other galleries and institutions in Portugal and abroad. He is featured in renown museums, institutions and hotels, e.g., Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut; EUA) Museu do Oriente (Lisbon), the Embassy of Cape Verde in Portugal (Lisbon) and Robinson Club Cabo Verde (Sal Island). He also portrayed several famous figures and his works are part of the private collection of personalities such as Madonna, Dino d’Santiago, Valete and Luís Represas.
Despite being known as a figurative artist, Luis values emotions and stories behind each and every canvas. His subjects vary from childhood memories, to emotion-full animal realm paintings; from music and rhythm  to oral tradition; from secular culture to comic book enthusiasm. All depicted into a multitude of layers with bold and vibrant colours, strong brush strokes and unique transparencies.
His inspiration and cultural insight comes from charity events and activities that Luis does regularly and that are specially dedicated to children. He does so because he believes everyone should focus on children. Why? Well because “they are the future!” In essence, if you do not have time for them, what do you have time for? What is your purpose in life?
Luis lives in Lisbon and works worldwide.



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