Dia Nacional
da Morna

morna day

A partnership with Binter CV to celebrate National Morna Day (3/12/2018)
and dignify Cape Verde’s cultural heritage, it’s music and art.
This collab with Binter CV was created to promote the country
and to bring people closer to cape verdean culture,
but also to pay tribute to some of the greatest musicians of this wonderful african archipelago
who have passed away: Bana, Cesária Évora and Ildo Lobo.
A humble and symbolic gesture that aims to bring art and music closer to heaven.

3 portraits
Acrylic on stretched canvas
Each painting with 150x100cm (60″x40″)

Figures depicted:
Bana, Cesária Évora
and Ildo Lobo


Filipe Louro Mendes


(+351) 916 296 368

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